Europe Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication Région Réunion Le Port Consiel général de La Réunion

Important note:
International students who wish to study at ESA Réunion within the framework of international exchange (Erasmus, other binational agreement, etc.) are not concerned by the following information. Please refer to the section "International".

Requirements to sit the entrance exam:

• Hold a baccalauréat (end of secondary education) qualification or a French or foreign equivalent
• Sit the baccalaureat in the year of entrance exam.

The entrance exam comprises of the following parts:

• A general culture test (4hrs)

written test relating to cultural topics and contemporary art
• A foreign language test (1 hour)
written exam
• A practical test (one day)
a creation of a given subject such as a drawing, model, etc..
• An interview with a panel of judges (20 minutes)

Only those candidates who have excelled in the written and practical tests will be eligible to appear before the panel.

> Complete and return the registration form at the entrance exam

Requirements for entry during courses (2nd to 5th year)

By the Board of Equivalent Studies:

Entrance may be allowed after an evaluation by the Board of Equivalent Studies of the academic and artistic background of the candidate. Candidates from foreign art schools are eligible subject to the verification of their overseas certificates. Records and all necessary documents must be forwarded to the Board for their consideration and evaluation. Foreign applicants must provide a T.C.F. (competency in the French language).

> Complete and return the registration form to the Board of Equivalent Studies

Requirements for Recognition of prior learning (Validation des Acquis d'Expérience, V.A.E.)
• The private sector employees
• self-employed (professions, artists and self-employed artisans...)
• public servants
• job seekers
• volunteers or voluntary organisation workers
• any person, with or without a recognized qualification, wishing to acquire a diploma.

There are no age, nationality or skill pre-requisites. Any employer may encourage an employee to begin a process of V.A.E. although it can't be compelled. There is no requirement to grant a salary increase or modify the position of an employee who has attained their V.A.E.

For recognition, a minimum of three years experience is required. This may have been acquired continuously or periodically and can be in a professional or voluntary manner.

> Complete and return the registration form V.A.E.

Open Attendance
Open to all adults. Admission by request.

> Complete an Open Attendance registration form and attach a covering letter outlining why you would like to attend.