Europe Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication Région Réunion Le Port Consiel général de La Réunion

Foundation year > introduction

Students are given a broad scope of choices to build their own curriculum within the school. Therefore, they not only benefit from academic instruction but also the experience of creating.

General Culture:
Art history, culture of imagery, communication
Practical Art:
drawing, colours, volume, space, image, multimedia…
Representation Techniques:
sketching, lifelike models, storyboard, computer graphics…

Second year > program phase

Students choose one of the following options:
which will lead to the corresponding National Degree in Fine Arts (Diplôme National D'Art Plastique, DNAP)

Third year > program phase

During this year, students must produce both a written report and an artwork. Requirements for these projects will vary amongst individual teachers. At the end of this third year, based on the collegial decision of the teaching team, students will be put forward for the National Degree in Fine Arts (Diplôme National D'Art Plastique, DNAP).

Fourth and fifth year > project phase > Master's 1 and 2

At the end of this first three year cycle, students have the option to further their studies with a degree equivalent to Master's: the Higher National Diploma in Plastic Expression (Diplôme National Supérieur d'Expression Plastique, DNSEP). Option “landscapes”

Acceptance into this program is dependent upon :

>Successful completion of the DNAP
>Submission of an orientation and research dossier
>An interview before a teaching panel with the school
>Approval from the school director

Recognition of prior learning

ESA Réunion also recognises prior learning (Validation des Acquis d'Expérience, V.A.E.) for the degrees it offers as well as for the National Degree in Creative and Technical Arts (Diplôme National des Arts et Techniques, DNAT)

Graphic Design
Interior Design
Object Design

Admissions for recognised prior learning are open from 15th October to Friday 24th November 2012 (all CERFA applications and supporting documentation must be submitted by 24th November at 4pm). Applications (CERFA document) are available from the school secretary during opening hours. A meeting with the school's V.A.E. contact person ( can be arranged should you require further information on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday between 8.30am - 12pm and 1.30pm-3.30pm.

Please find attached below an information sheet regarding VAE as well as the CERFA document which can be printed as an A3 booklet.

For an application to be considered, the completed CERFA document must be accompanied with supporting documentation, a letter of motivation and the payment of

-120€, concession (unemployed)
-180€, full rate

If your application is accepted by the admissions panel, you will be asked for the balance of the registration fee

- 480€, concession
- 720€, full rate

Download the information sheet (in French)
Download the CERFA form (in French)